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Dear OM (YL), 

welcome to my Ham-Website,

you want to confirm (R/S) our two-way radiocommunication or one-way reception of my signal?
To confirm, you have five options, via bureau of the DARC, eQSL, QRZ.com, Email or Mail (postal adress & last name you'll find on qrz.com. 

My maxim in life is "panta rhei", it is a famous aphorism from Heraclitus (c. 535 – c. 475 BCE)  a pre-socratic greek philosopher and it means that "ever-newer waters flow on those who step into the same rivers" or "all entities move and nothing remains still". 

More Infos about me and my working conditions:

CB-Handle: LOLA1

License Class A, licensed since 1987

City: Alzey
DOK: K21
QTH Locator: JN49BR
EPC # 18485
DMC # 05459 

Pics of Alzey in 3D:

Working Conditions:


Antenna-Tuner: Drake MN 2700 & MFJ-969
Power Amplifier (PA): DRAKE L7
Big Tnx to OM Richard Stellwagen, Alzey, DF2WJ, who gave me these Drake parts as a present.
Output: 5W - 2kW

10m Pole with 1:9 Balun in the height of 2,50m, then 7,50m wire up to the top, 7,50m wire back an 2,50m counterpoise, ant is feeded directly with a sheath current filter against BCI and TVI. This antenna works great on 6, 10 (11), 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40 and also 80m!


In the mode WSPR with only 5W i reached with this vertical antenna  the following countries in less then 3h on 24.03.2012:

I am using also the three 8m & 11m or 12m long trap circuit dipole antennas. First Dipole is the Kelemen DP-201510   for 20-15-10m (400W), second is the W-312  for 30-17-12m (200W) and the third again is a Kelemen Monoband Dipole ZG-DPK40 for 40m (1kW). All Dipols are under the roof in NE-SW-direction. They are less strong for 6-12dB then the vertical antenna and where all feeded by an sheath current filter against TVI in the house.

In the mode WSPR with only 10W i reached with this dipol on the 20m-Band  the following countries in less then 20h on 23./24.03.2012:

For 80m and 160m i am using a selfmade over 80m long folded loop antenna also under the roof feeded directly after a sheath wave trap. This antenna works only with an antenna tuner in between transceiver and the antenna.

on 80m listened in australia

For 70cm (D-Star) & 2m i am using a the following antennas with diplexer under the roof:

My favorite MODs are the Digi-Mods PSK31 , PSK63, RTTY, SSTV, ROS and JT65

With BPSK31 in 24h around the world:

Here in BPSK31 QSO with Argentina:

With JT65 on 15 & 20m better around the world in 24h:

Here with JT65 in QSO with Australia and New Zealand:

JT65 on 10m  at 28.09.2012 - 15.00 UTC

The newest digital mode i am working with is ROS  and JT9 - great stuff ;-)

with ROS in 60min around the world

I never learned CW, so i have to use software for this mod - to receive, i am using the software MRP40 and for CW-Transmission i am using the software MixW:

In RTTY i am working with the MMTTY Software and MixW:

For SSTV i am using the MMSSTV software:

What the HELL...

FreeDV - Digital on Shortwave

My newest Mode is SIM31 - with automatic QSO ^^

Sometimes i am also on the air with EchoLink

If the band is open (here on 10m in 03/2012) it could look like this:

Here at a hike on the Donnersberg, a hill which is elevated 687m nearby Alzey, in QSO on 2m with my Wouxun via Repeater from the Kalmit 40km away on 145.700 MHz

Successful trial to reach the Saudisat 50 with my Wouxon and the Diamond A-1430 Duoband-Yagi-Antenna 2m/70cm - with a couple of QSOs in Europe

Also on the AIR with APRS, so i realized on 03. January 2016 my first contact with the spacestation ISS using UI-View, Soundmodem from UZ7HO, TRX Yaesu-FT987D, 50W, Dipol under roof an the RigExpert Standard as extern Soundcard - welcome on board ;-)

In APRS with the handheld Kenwood TH-D72 (GPS + TNC + 70cm + 2m) on the Road:

Other Toys:
are my UP4DAR to realize D-Star via Internet and with my TRX Yaesu FT-987D, look at the xREFLECTOR if i am ON-AIR, here on the MAP you'll see also my exactly GPS-Position - it's also fun to work with D-Star!

, my magic SDR, the FUNcube Dongle Pro with an Scanner-Antenna under the roof and SDRsharp as  software listening to a NOAA-Weather-Satellite

other DVBT-Sticks with RTL inside, the DV4Mini-Stick and the DMR-Handhold from Retevis

Next Activity will be SOTA (Summit on the air) with the new FT-817ND and the Alexloop-Antenna:

In the age of 15 (1977) i have got my first radio, a walkie-talkie with 3 channels and 0.5W AM Output - the Stabo Stratofon P3 - so everything started with this here ;-)

Our local ham radio on air meeting with members of the DOK K21 is always on sunday at 07.30 - UTC at 80m on 3.795 +/- 0.01 MHz - guests are welcome.

Further contact via Email

Vy 73 & 55 and good DX