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Dear OM (YL), 

welcome to my Ham-Website,

you want to confirm (R/S) our two-way radiocommunication or one-way reception of my signal?
To confirm, you have five options, via bureau of the DARC, eQSL, QRZ.com, Email or Mail (postal adress & last name you'll find on qrz.com.

LIVE-Picture from Alzey out of my shack:

More Infos about me and my working conditions:

Callsign: DB1ID

License Class A, licensed since 1987
City: Alzey
DOK: K21
QTH Locator: JN49BR
EPC # 18485
DMC # 05459 

Working Conditions:


Antenna-Tuner: Drake MN 2700 & MFJ-969
Power Amplifier (PA): DRAKE L7

Diamond CPVU8 on telescope pole 8m over gnd. This antenna works 80m up to 70cm (50-200W); also selfmade Vobbel-Antenna 27m (hot part) / 6m (cold part) as folded inv V with selfmade 1:9 Balun (100W) + ferrit-core from Amidon in wire-wrap-method from M0UKD with SCF against BCI.

The Vobbel-Antenna is an alrounder and good for nearly all HF-Bands: 160-/80+/60+/40m++/30+++/20+++/17+++/15++/12++/10++ - construction manual as PDF here: >>> Click here <<< 

My favorite MODs are the Digi-Mods WSPR, PSK31 , PSK63, RTTY, SSTV, ROS, JT65 and FT8

WSPR MOD with only 5W 

BPSK31 in 24h:

JT65 in 24h:

 JT65 in QSO:

ROS  and JT9

For CW i use the software MRP40 and MixW:

In RTTY i am working with the MMTTY Software and MixW:

For SSTV i use MMSSTV:

HELL is possible with MixW

FreeDV  for Digital Voice over Shortwave

Automatic Digi-Mode is SIM31

OFF the AIR i use D-STAR & EchoLink

If the band is open (here on 10m in 03/2012) it could look like this:

Newest Digi-Mod ist FT8, something in between PSK63 and JT65 - fast & long range, here with 160m on the 1:9 Ant and 60m QSO with Australia

Also on the AIR with APRS with contact to the spacestation ISS using UI-View, Soundmodem from UZ7HO, TRX Yaesu-FT987D, 50W on ANT and the RigExpert Standard as extern Soundcard

In APRS with the handheld Kenwood TH-D72 (GPS + TNC + 70cm + 2m) on the Road:

Other Toys:
are my UP4DAR to realize D-Star via Internet and with my TRX Yaesu FT-987D, look at the xREFLECTOR if i am ON-AIR, here on the MAP you'll see also my exactly GPS-Position 

GSM-Data with the HackRF One in Linux-Kali & Wireshark, GR-GSM

FUNcube Dongle Pro with an Scanner-Antenna SDRsharp as  software listening to a NOAA-Weather-Satellite

I love it to make Outdoor-Activities in combined with Amateur Radio, therefore i am using the FT-817ND and the fantastic Alexloop-Antenna on a Foto-Tripod:

Own Radio History:
In the age of 15 (1977) i have got my first radio, a walkie-talkie with 3 channels and 0.5W AM Output - the Stabo Stratofon P3 - so everything started with this ...

Vy 73 & 55 and good DX